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I’m thinking that this hairy hole is waiting for a filling?

So, would you want to rim him or pump him? 
Another shot of this glorious bush and dick!
…yeah, you’re welcome. Look at that sweet enormous bush and those hairy hairy hairy legs. I’m dripping right now!
Wow, imagine this surprise after unzipping. You’d have to be careful because I imagine some of that full bush could get caught in the zipper. 
I’ve always admired Tom Bull’s beard. SO dang sexy!
David Axell by Bell Soto. Check out that perfectly chilled ginger body! 
A beautiful thick, veiny penis!
Reminds me of my hairy blonde sack!
Beautiful shot of a hot dick pissing!
Anyone obsessed with hairy balls? 
Can anyone else relate? I love to do what what this guy is doing, just let the precum stream out. It feels so good to do this!
Another of of this dude and his hot cock. Anyone want to be the clean up crew? 
i didn’t time it but I think I went from flaccid to throbbing boner in about 5 seconds. Check out this natural uncut penis! 
BONER ALERT…check out this perfectly sculpted body and that soft blonde looking hair on his arms and blanketing the muscles on his chest!